50 Popular Mexican Slang Words to Spice Up Your Spanish

50 Popular Mexican Slang Words to Spice Up Your Spanish

Ever feel like your Spanish lessons just don’t capture the vibrant, colorful language spoken on the streets of Mexico? Well, amigo, you’re not alone! Mexican slang, or “slang mexicano,” adds a whole new layer of flavor to communication, allowing you to connect with locals on a deeper level and truly sound like a native.

But with so many slang words and phrases floating around, where do you even begin? Don’t worry, ¡no manches! This guide will equip you with 50 essential Mexican slang expressions, complete with English translations and context, so you can talk like a true chilango (Mexico City local) in no time.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

  • Cool and casual: Master words like “chido,” “padre,” and “poca madre” to express coolness and excitement.
  • Everyday interactions: Learn greetings like “¿qué pedo?” and farewells like “¡nos vemos!” to navigate social situations smoothly.
  • Food and fun: Discover slang for delicious Mexican treats like “tacos de canasta” and activities like “ir de cotorreo” (to hang out).
  • Understanding the locals: Unlock the meaning of “estar chevere” (to be good) and “me vale madre” (I don’t care) to truly understand local conversations.


  • Bonus tips: Learn how to use slang appropriately and avoid cultural faux pas.
  • Regional variations: Discover slang unique to different parts of Mexico.
  • Pronunciation guide: Master those tricky Mexican sounds with helpful pronunciation tips.

¡Vámonos! Let’s dive into the exciting world of Mexican slang and unlock a whole new level of cultural understanding and language fluency.

Ready to spice up your Spanish? Here is the complete list of 50 popular slangs!

  1. Chido – Cool
  2. Chamba – Job or work
  3. Chela – Beer
  4. Guácala – Gross
  5. Neta – Truth or real
  6. Chavo(a) – Boy or girl
  7. Jalar – To pull or to go
  8. ¡Órale! – Wow! or Alright!
  9. Mande – What? (as in “What did you say?”)
  10. Chamba – Work or job
  11. ¡No manches! – No way! or You’re kidding!
  12. ¡Aguas! – Watch out!
  13. Cuate – Buddy or friend
  14. Fresa – Snob or posh
  15. Chismoso(a) – Gossip
  16. Güey – Dude or bro
  17. ¡Qué padre! – How cool!
  18. Fregar – To bother or to annoy
  19. Cotorrear – To chat or gossip
  20. Cuate – Buddy or friend
  21. Gacho – Bad or unpleasant
  22. Mamacita – Attractive woman
  23. Naco – Unsophisticated or tacky
  24. Güero(a) – Fair-skinned person
  25. ¡Qué onda! – What’s up!
  26. Chisme – Gossip
  27. Chale – No way or bummer
  28. Chido – Cool or awesome
  29. ¡Ándale! – Come on! or Let’s go!
  30. ¡Órale güey! – Wow dude!
  31. Chiquito – Shorty or small
  32. Cabrón(a) – Dude or tough person
  33. Fregar – To bother or annoy
  34. Mande – What? (as in “Pardon me?”)
  35. Jefe – Boss or leader
  36. Cuate – Buddy or friend
  37. ¡Aguas! – Watch out!
  38. Guácala – Gross or yuck
  39. Mijo(a) – Son or daughter
  40. Chela – Beer
  41. Cotorrear – To chat or gossip
  42. Güey – Dude or bro
  43. ¡No manches! – No way! or You’re kidding!
  44. ¡Aguas! – Watch out!
  45. ¡Órale! – Wow! or Alright!
  46. Güero(a) – Fair-skinned person
  47. ¡Qué padre! – How cool!
  48. Chamba – Work or job
  49. Neta – Truth or real
  50. Chavo(a) – Boy or girl


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